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End user Environment
Solutions, Management & support Service

We Support Your End Users with a Unique Service offering, our Service Backup the End Users Data in Real-Time 365/24/7. The Operating System is Seamlessly Patched with the Latest Security and Application Requirements. Migrating from a Current Operating System to a New Release are Achieved in Minutes as and when required.

Supporting End-users is Achieved with our Remote Control and Service Desk Service. When Hardware Failure occur we Swap-Out the Device from our Swap-Out Pool, to Ensure User Production Continuity.

network Solutions, management & support services

We Manage, Design, Install, Configure, Backup and Monitor Your Complete Network Infrastructure. This Managed Service Provides all Your LAN, WAN and Quality of Service Bandwidth Management Requirements.

Server solutions & Support services

Our Managed Servers Configured with our Hypervisor Virtualisation Platform, integrated with Our Data Storage Platform, Hosted Onsite or On Premises, provides all the Managed Services our Customers Require.

data storage solutions & support services

We Host Data Storage Solutions as a Service on Your Premises, in the Cloud or as a Combination Hybrid Service. With the addition of our Backup service we can Ensure Data Availability and Integrity for our Customers.

Virtualisation solutions & Support services

Our Virtualisation Platfom Enables our Cloud Hosting and On-premises Turn-Key Managed Servises, with Agility, Flexibility and Scalability, While Creating Significant Cost Savings to our Customers, by Reducing Capital and Operating Costs.

Our Virtualisation Platform is Also Integrated with our Data Storage Platform to Increased Performance and Availability of Resources with Automated Operational Support with the added benefit of Greater Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

We Virtualise Servers, End User Environments, Data Storage and Networking.

We Support All Operating Systems on Our Virtualisation Platform.

Hosting solutions & support services

Our Services are Provided by Hosting the Services You Require on our Cloud Platform, or on Your Premises on our On-Premises Hosting Platform. We also combine the Hosting Platforms as a Hybrid Solution to Guarantee Service Availability and Data Integrity.

Virtual private network solutions & support Services

Our On-Premises Virtual Private Network Managed Service, provide You the Security You Require, to Connect from Any Device to Your Office, Home or Other Locations You Require.

The On-Premises VPN Implementation Consist of the Following.

Once in Production Our Managed Service Consist of the Following.

Why beathan technologies ?

We Create Managed Service Offerings, that’s Cost-Effective, Reliable, End-User Friendly, with Cross-Platform Support and Managed all year round.

Our Managed Service Overview

Our Turn-Key Managed Service will Include all Hosting, Hardware, Software, Specialist Staff Compliment, Installation, Configuration, Updates, Operational Support, Service Monitoring, and Customer Notification. Formalized in a Managed Service Level Agreement According to our Customers Service Delivery Unique Requirements.

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